Oil and Gas Industries

Turnkey solution to manage Oil gas stations inventory in real-time from Anywhere Anytime Anyplace, and dispense oil via a wireless card membership. ExpoTech Fuel Management System is capable of assigning the correct grade of fuel and the right amount to be dispensed via a debit card or pre-payment instantly and wirelessly. The system will eliminate non-authorized fuelling and will provide detailed and comprehensive management reporting in real-time any time anywhere on any device. ExpoTech’s application and business process can easily integrate with pre-installed dispensers regardless of the make or model.

Fraud Benefits

Most organizations have had to live with fraud as a cost of doing business. No more!! Now billions of dollars in fraud losses can be reduced to almost zero by leveraging ExpoTech’s elastic search technologies. Our method incorporates unique technologies in a single solution to eliminate many kinds of fraud, including:

  • Mobile access / Login access systems fraud
  • Bypass fraud
  • Credit-card fraud
  • ATM fraud
  • Energy theft

Benefits for Entire Company

  • Minimize losses with real-time fraud pattern detection and correlation.
  • Detect and stop fraud in real-time across various banking channels
  • Correlate and identify patterns within high-velocity streams across channels
  • Match real-time transactional data against customer history profiles
  • Handle big data with ease
  • Handle massive amounts of data in motion from various data sources
  • Store relevant data in-memory for low-latency responses
  • Scale up or out to meet new demand
  • Set the rules as needed
  • Rapidly add new fraud rules
  • Create tailored fraud detection rules quickly
  • Update and fine-tune existing fraud rules in real-time
  • Increase management visibility
  • Monitor fraud investigation efforts for increased operational efficiency
  • Balance and prioritize workloads to ensure maximum recovery
  • Get complete auditing transparency and traceability
  • Faster detection of fraud and faster action to eliminate fraud
  • Enable real-time processing of transactions to detect fraud by maintaining all data in-memory
  • Easily integrate with different applications to manage several types of fraud

Our software communicates directly with the controller enabling forced authorization of the pump, grade, and amount once the card reader receives the contact or contactless smart card information. The entire systems is solar power friendly. Solar power cells can be added and installed as an additional service offering for additional cost. Expotech’s philosophy is building dynamic, flexible, fully automated command control center fuel system center that adjust to the growing needs of our clients and changing customer needs. ExpoTech entire system is built on a three tier architecture (Web, Apps, and Databases) that is could computing enabled. This type of system can be modularly designed and expanded quickly without time delays or high costs. ExpoTech’s State-of the-art software and systems integration, using 128-bit encryption and advanced communication protocols, and a superior technology platform provide the building blocks to continue to expand and add additional products. ExpoTech system is sophisticated and secure, yet it’s built on open standards such as web services and SOAP. These standards can help other governmental organizations to take advantage of this open technology and inherit data and information collected by the smart card system. Expotech system consists of Smart cards RFID, wireless contact and contactless card readers, two main operating systems used in different modules, fully automated application, ODS and Data warehouse using the latest in searching technologies, and hundreds of management reports that are in real-time online and overnight batch reports. These reports are available 24 hours anytime anywhere using any device. This systems is extendable, scalable, and secure with minimal maintenance. The user will authenticate using ID and password via front web applications. The front end and the backend is the active directory server that will validate the user ID based on roll and access rights. Once the access is granted the user will be able to request services based on the security hierarchy that is location and time based. The command center management system is capable of tracking each transaction in sub second response time and collecting the details that are associated with the ID (name, address and usage, type of product, employee’s names, station’s name, pump number, grade of fuel.. etc.). Expotech’s fuel automation system is state of the art that will prevent fraud and control inventory so you are able to manage the supply chain accurately. Additionally the Fuel management system is designed to also have the ability to tag vehicles and track usage including GPS monitoring. ExpoTech is proud to present the technical offer for the Smart Card Project environment in which enterprise architectures are designed for web-based applications and elastic search that is highly secured and most efficient. Rod Ghani, president of Expotech has designed, and developed the largest deployments in the world for 23,000 Gas Station automation since 2001. This technology was designed, and implemented for fortune 500 companies, worldwide automating the entire POS system using wireless technology handhelds and rapid delivery based on store and forward. A technology method that will allow the user to perform business functions 100% without having to worry about a connection to the internet. We intent to use our patent for this project Location based content delivery.