ExpoTech services enable you to get more value from your data with its easy-to-connect and quick-to-build features. ExpoTech will transform your data into crucial information by creating reports and analysis. These are all key areas of Business Intelligence (BI) that can be addressed by this platform.

Report Development

The unique elemental approach, intelligent features, and wizards combined with an integrated development environment of Info enables you to develop reports without the need of writing any code. Additionally, features like SQL Query Builder, Database Browser, Stylesheet Editor, etc. make developing reports much easier.


Integrated with pre-established user authentication models, it offers security at every level, tables, reports, column and record. Adding to that, it uses single sign-on and supports LDAP, NT Security and custom security databases.


Optimize data quality and consistency by bringing data together from different sources. Logi ETL pulls data together from various sources, transforms it according to your requirements and loads it in your preferred data store to help you make the most of your data.

  • Web services-based architecture of ExpoTech to optimize data.
  • Built-in data connection wizards for easily connecting to commonly-used data sources.
  • Connectivity with relational databases and flat file data sources.
  • Validation, grouping, sorting, code translation, joining and more data transformation services.


An absolute and unified Web-based BI platform for reporting and analysis, Platform meets all the requirements of your organization. Features of Info, Ad Hoc and ETL are all bundled in the Platform. Its comprehensive range of valuable BI capabilities comprises dashboard creation, corporate reporting and analysis, data gathering and transformation and more