Manufacturing and Remanufacturing

Today’s manufacturers must adopt new business models to move from product selling to services and solutions for their customers, ExpoTech has delivered highly successful engagements and adopted industry’s best practices. We been working with hundreds of manufactures for over 22 years, we provide full implementation of ERP and CRM systems using on premise ERP applications or over both private and public cloud systems. Our turnkey approach starts with the analyzing business goals, conducting workshops, validating requirements and then testing and deploying the solution. Our professional services possess a unique combination of industry, product and technical expertise.

ExpoTech is a certified SAP business partner specializing in remanufacturing and auto parts industry. For the last 22 years, ExpoTech has been recognized by our clients for consistently providing flawless execution at the lowest cost of implementations. This includes, but is not limited to SAP custom development, SAP enhancement, and SAP change management. It is imperative for every remanufacturing business to build a strong foundation that can sustain the competitive changing environment and the growth for further success, but they must have the foresight and the agility to change based on the consumer and market demands. ExpoTech’s team of experts specialize in implementing best practices that are specific to remanufacturing and Auto Parts industry combined with powerful and scalable SAP standards which will ensure new realized business efficiencies while streamlining business and IT strategies. Our SAP certified team can help your organization successfully implement SAP solutions by assisting you in building strategies, technology and product roadmap, enterprise applications evaluations, SAP module selections, process optimization and re-design, blueprinting business and technology processes, best practice implementation, SAP customization, legacy systems integrations, data cleansing, build and design routers, product core design, SAP enhancement, and optimization and much more. ExpoTech excels at extrapolating the maximum efficiencies through our patented implementation methodologies end to end for supply chain management, HR – Successfactors processes, Order to Cash, Planning and Forecasting, Core returns and management, Remanufacturing and manufacturing, warehousing, analytics and management reporting and more. ExpoTech Inc.’s patented implementation methodology is based on five primary characteristics of implementation:

  • Process – Business processes.
  • People – Cultural change, stakeholder and top management commitment.
  • Technology – Technology architecture, when to leverage server based vs cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) solutions, and internal IT buildout vs. hosted, co-located infrastructure.
  • Cost benefit, ROI, IRR, TCO.
  • Careful transitioning methodology from AS-IS to TO-BE, from Legacy to New processes and systems, build a model and run in parallel Legacy and new systems for training and process validation.

ExpoTech offers a specialized portfolio of consulting services. We help clients transform their business and add value to the organization. In a globalized world comprising of rapidly shifting economic and political scenarios, we at ExpoTech help our clients make successful strategic and organizational decisions. We closely monitor the problems being faced by organizations through various angles and engage organizational leaders into the thinking and development process. We implement findings through carefully constructed roadmaps and practices to help them achieve their goals and success. ExpoTech has partnered with SAP to deliver a comprehensive array of SAP offerings including Implementations, Trainings and Turn Key solutions. We offer large pool of SAP Services which are not limited to following:

  • SAP Cloud Services (C4C, Ariba)
  • SAP NetWeaver
  • SuccessFactors

Supply chains product, virtualized server and applications are changing the nature of manufacturing and the way we conduct business. We help our clients to achieve seamless and successful business and IT transformation.

SAP Implementation Review

SAP change management and implementations for larger corporations tends to be a little pricy, almost always costing the company at least a million dollars management to be sure that their chosen System Integrator is delivering a complete solution on time, on budget and with a complete solution that will support the business. ExpoTech has a team of Senior SAP Quality Directors adept at working with C level leadership to insure their investment in SAP is being protected by performing periodic project reviews. The ExpoTech “Project Health Check” includes a review of the SAP process being implemented, validation of the project plan and reported project status, confirmation that the deliverables are complete, audit of the design meetings, validation of the testing completion and confirmation of the readiness to go-live. Periodic reporting and feedback is communicated to the project Quality sponsor for feedback to the project Systems Integrator for the issues to be addressed. Do you feel your software project is off track? Statistically, you’re among the unfortunate 60%, whether you are developing in-house or you are outsourcing. But don’t rush to consider all your efforts and money wasted. We have the required knowledge, patience and resources to get you project back on track. We know that troubled software projects are not pretty. But we can facelift and bring them back to life, shiny and healthy. ExpoTech Inc. has previously taken out the swamp projects and saved them from the verge of failure. Our experienced Architects, Software Developers, and Analysts have seen and fix it all before. Combining our qualified expertise with a documented process, we quickly address underlying problems and bottlenecks. We will explain what’s happened and how it can be fixed, and get to work on correcting the problem for you so that your project is resurrected as soon as possible so you can get on with running your business. We rescue failed SAP implementations. If you have implemented or have had someone else implement SAP and have not seen the results you expected, our team of experts can work with you to correct the SAP workflow of your company. We have a proven proprietary methodology to drive performance, increase efficiency, and deliver excellent business value for our clients. ExpoTech Engineering Inc. is here to fix all of your IT and SAP problems. Contact us about ERP, CRM, Application development, business strategies, systems design and more for your company today. For more information, please contact our experts to find out how we can help you run more effectively, efficiently and competitively. Contact us at (623) 800-7660, or email