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What Is A Virtual Contact Center?

A virtual call center is a call center in which the contact center agents (CSRs) are geographically dispersed, rather than being in a building next to the phone system and CRM applications, they can be anywhere.

Typically the Contact center agents are sitting in groups based on their skill sets and their expertise. Therefore many of the contact centers are forced to pay higher wages, more hours in order to build the safety factor and to ensure the calls are answered in case if the volume picks up, it’s a restricted fixed brick and mortar infrastructure.

The Expo-IPCC virtual contact center will enable the organization to leverage any labor pool, at the best skill set for each particular call come in, at the least cost of routing, all this is done instantly and regardless where the agents are located, which makes it a very flexible and controlled operation and the lowest cost to process the calls.

The virtual call center model saves money, by leveraging the lowest labor, and not having to pay for fixed costs and multi-infrastructure operation. The brick and mortar is virtually eliminated.

ExpoTech provides soft phone systems operating for contact center environments that can automatically distribute phone calls to remote agents and work from home employees.

Contact center agents, supervisors, and the management no longer need to work from one central location. Today Expo-IPCC will enable your workforce to work from your call center, from home, from a remote office.

Expo-IPCC will give you the competitive edge by offering higher service levels at a lower cost since you don’t have the high cost that is typically associated with the traditional call centers. Expo-IPCC will also allow you to employ the most qualified CSRs at a lower cost.

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Remote Contact Center Agents

Most call centers today are challenged with the agent turnover and not having a qualified pool of talented agents available. Expo-IPCC platform helps alleviate these challenges and enabling you to hire talented agents at a local lower wage at their geographical area. or semi-retirees who are willing to work from home or a remote office.

Expo-IPCC calculates the least cost of routing for those available agents, time of day, and skill set processing, that will lower the cost and better customer services.

Expo-IPCC platform utilizes the latest advancements in VoIP and SIP protocols, leveraging enterprise applications that are scalable, robust architecture. We can process inbound outbound calls, with remote agent remote monitoring. Expo-IPCC can turn on as many agents as needed instantly since its all web based using soft switch and soft phone.

The value of Expo-IPCC virtual contact center platform is:

Expo-IPCC virtual contact center will run on a single platform in a centralized IT environment which will yield huge benefits:

ExpoTech built Expo-IPCC patent pending platform, leveraging open source, open architecture standards integrated tightly with enterprise software applications and relational databases that’s sold as Expo-IPCC. With Expo-IPCC you will be able to instantly turn on content center agents regardless where they are, you can monitor, record and rout calls as call volume change, and type of service required. No tedious CTI integration, no months of pain and agony trying to get your phone system to work with your CRM and back office. With Expo-IPCC have all the flexibility you need to grow or to reduce staff levels instantly, you are no longer running in a fixed environment and you are no at the phone call mercy. Expo-PCC it’s the virtual call center technology that will extend your reach to the labor pool regardless of their geographical location. Expo-IPCC is extensible, scalable as all your infrastructure is under your control; essentially you are your own phone company.

Expo-IPCC Virtual Contact center Software

Expo-IPCC is a platform when installed will enable the organization to run a virtual multimedia contact center, without having to perform CTI (computer Telephony integration). This contact center platform technology is a enables you to take advantage of the CSR labor pool by best matching skill levels at the lowest price, so it will increase your productivity, better customer service, and a lower cost.

Expo-IPCC virtual call center platform is built on a scalable, robust, and extensible architecture. Expo-IPCC built in IVR, Call recording, Skill sets triggers, call routing, auto dialer, out of the box ACD, management reporting, data warehouse functionally for data mining.

Expo-IPCC Virtual Contact Center is a Software phone switch

Expo-IPCC is also a software phone switch, in other words, you will not need a telephone system to run your virtual contact center. Expo-IPCC comes in two flavors, you can have a soft phone where we can install a client, small program, on your CSR’s desktop with a headset to use as a phone, or you can have an IP phone. Furthermore if you want to use your legacy phone switch the Expo-IPCC application platform is an open IPA architecture, its easy to integrate to your phone switch.

Expo-IPCC agent work from home, once their home station is signed in, the centralized computer system will know that I have an agent with a particular skill set is available, once a call comes in and best matching the available agent the call is instantly routed to the home/remote agent, and monitored online. The systems cal also generate an outbound auto dialer campaign,, once a customer is on line, the EXPO-IPCC platform will connect the home/remote agent seamlessly.

The Value of Expo-IPCC Virtual Contact Center

Call Center Software and Systems

Expo-IPCC also offers complete call center outsourcing services using our with partnership secure data center facilities.

Expo-IPCC can develop your call center solutions quickly - providing you with a competitive advantage for call processing.

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WIRELESS Broadband

These are challenging times for the Telecommunications industry. After a number of years of exuberant spending, telecommunications service providers are now focused on squeezing costs out of their operations, and investing in technologies with realistic ROI-based business cases. Consequently, the infrastructure providers (both hardware and software) to the telecommunication industry are facing reduced spend in the market. Because of this they are redefining their businesses to focus on a narrower set of strategic products in order to continue as viable industry players.

As industry dynamics unravels, both wireless/telecom service providers as well as infrastructure providers are looking for ways to strategically partner with companies who can provide them real value. This can be defined as either

ExpoTech' Telecommunications Practice focuses on partnering with the wireless and wire telecom service providers and infrastructure providers to provide such real value. We achieve this goal by providing services and solutions backed by our expertise in application maintenance and development outsourcing, and our heritage in systems integration and consulting.

Our solutions include custom full-life-cycle application development, application maintenance and development outsourcing, packaged software implementation, and consulting services. Utilizing our unique delivery model, we are able to cost effectively bring the full spectrum of business and technical skills needed to solve your complex business problems. To accomplish this, ExpoTech works from the inside out. This means our approach emphasizes working closely with your organization to understand your business needs and subsequently translating these needs into solution-based deliverables that are designed to meet or exceed all aspects of your value propositions. In short, our solution delivery model begins inside your organization and transcends to the value being offered to your end-user subscriber.

In the applications space, ExpoTech is focused on acquiring and developing software assets by partnering with telecommunications infrastructure providers. This is exemplified in our partnership with a leading infrastructure provider to bring a suite of Intelligent Network Applications to the service provider community. ExpoTech leverages such software assets by wrapping a suite of systems integration, consulting and outsourcing services, thus providing real value to telecom service providers.

Expotech excels at building wireless infrastructure 2.4 GHz/5.8 Ghz, 802.11 A,B,G. High bandwidth. We provide fast wireless internet access at a low cost.

Comes with the AP-Plus Access Point
Loads into Expo-AP 802.11b AP with extra features such as:

Firewall that block traffic between Wireless clients associated with the AP
SNMP compliant
BOOTP/DHCP forwarding
802.1x support
Bridging to an Super client

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