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Custom Enterprise Software

We deliver tailored enterprise applications that address your business needs and meet your specifications. We have experience in creating software that improves content management, business process automation, e-Commerce, and employee collaboration. Our developers are able to leverage their experience with Agile software development to increase your competitive advantage.

Software Integration

Daily operations at large enterprises are often supported by a mix of SaaS and on-premise third-party applications. ExpoTech Inc. offers development of comprehensive Enterprise Application Integration solutions which allow for a mobile-first approach with custom mobile UI, API and microservice development, data integration, as well as workspaces, portals, and mashups.

Legacy Application Modernization

Outdated enterprise applications often cause employees to spend more time working around limitations. ExpoTech Inc. can provide your business with a team that can perform in depth feature and technical analysis of your legacy solution and offer enterprise application development that will use the latest tools and technologies. Your users will be happier and more productive, and your IT operations team will sleep better.

Application Portfolio Consolidation

Very few companies develop completely through organic growth. Frequent mergers and acquisitions often leave organization with a wide variety of solutions. ExpoTech Inc. can help your business consolidate these solutions, combining their benefits to increase your IT Operations, minimize costs, increase employee efficiency, and optimize user experience. Our team of analysts and developers would be able to help to consolidate, integrate, and refactor your enterprise applications as necessary, while moving them to modern software stacks and cloud hosting.

Our Workflow

Discovery & Analysis — A qualified team of system-analysts and consultants observes your current solutions, discovers key problems and opportunities for improvement, and develops a roadmap based on your business needs.

Development & Testing — Qualified developers with niche expertise develop, test, and deliver a turnkey solution for your enterprise.

Implementation & Support — ExpoTech Inc. aids you in implementing the new software into your daily business operations and provides thorough support and maintenance of your software.


Web Development: Java, .NET, PHP, JavaScript

Mobile Development: iOS, Android, Xamarin, Hybrid

Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB and others

DevOps and Cloud: AWS, Azure, Docker, Jenkins

ERP Implementations

Whether you are planning to implement the SAP system for the first time, or you are trying to fix problems from SAP failed implementation, ExpoTech Engineering Inc. has the SAP and IT professionals you need to get your business operating as efficiently as possible. SAP data conversion should be left in the hands of our industry professionals who have over 20 years of experience in the field. Many large companies have run into problems with SAP change management when trying to perform the task on their own. SAP data conversion and implementation can be complicated for those who do not have a lot of experience with the very complex and broad SAP system. Our SAP experts will transfer your company from an older system to a more functional and efficient SAP system and work with your employees to give them the knowledge to run the system smoothly.

ExpoTech Engineering's unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise solves its clients’ most complex business problems with technology solutions across a wide range of areas. If your company is having issues with SAP failed implementation and would benefit from a professional’s help with SAP change management.

They only promised what we will actually deliver.

Do you feel your software project is off track? Statistically, you’re among the unfortunate 60%, whether you are developing in-house or you are outsourcing. But don’t rush to consider all your efforts and money wasted. We have the required knowledge, patience and resources to get you project back on track. We know that troubled software projects are not pretty. But we can facelift and bring them back to life, shiny and healthy. ExpoTech Inc. has previously taken out the swamp projects and saved them from the verge of failure. Our experienced Architects, Software Developers, and Analysts have seen and fix it all before. Combining our qualified expertise with a documented process, we quickly address underlying problems and bottlenecks. We will explain what’s happened and how it can be fixed, and get to work on correcting the problem for you so that your project is resurrected as soon as possible so you can get on with running your business.

We rescue failed SAP implementations. If you have implemented or have had someone else implement SAP and have not seen the results you expected, our team of experts can work with you to correct the SAP workflow of your company.

We have a proven proprietary methodology to drive performance, increase efficiency, and deliver excellent business value for our clients. 

ExpoTech Engineering Inc. is here to fix all of your IT and SAP problems. Contact us about ERP, CRM, Application development, business strategies, systems design and more for your company today. 

Contact ExpoTech Inc. today to work with IT experts you can trust.

As part of our commitment to our client,

our services include maintaining copies of client information and property at our offices overseas.

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