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ExpoTech provides a broad range of integrated, open standards-based solutions that service key areas of complex supply chains and distribution networks. The solutions readily integrate into an enterprise's existing applications and can also operate as standalone modules. Features you can expect from ExpoTech SCM solutions include:

ExpoTech Technology Implementation

Successfully implementing a business system, Web application front or other business automation technology requires more than simply installing new servers or loading software onto equipment. To realize the potential benefits of a technology solution, it has to be fully integrated into business processes throughout your company.

ExpoTech not only provides leading-edge business automation technology, we offer a proven, structured methodology for implementing that technology in your business. Our techniques have been developed through over 20 years of implementing business automation technology, and proven by hundreds of successful implementations for companies like yours.

Our multi-phase implementation programs are fully scalable. While the specifics of the implementation program may vary by product, and not every phase of a program will apply to every customer, our structured approach helps ensure that you receive the right solution for your business objectives.

ExpoTech Systems offers a full cycle of application development, from defining and working in close collaboration with the customer on the specification to development, testing and writing documentation, including user's manuals and help guides. We develop applications for a wide range of business needs, including Cloud Computing and Cloud Services as well as a complete range of mobile application.

Application structure design, database design and user interface design. Multi-tier distributed applications can be designed using advanced design technologies such as UML.

Application coding for the selected target platform. According to your specification, our software developers can leverage different development environments and programming languages: .NET (C#, VB), Java, Ruby on Rails, Delphi; Visual C++; Visual Basic; etc. We can also help you decided which development platform is appropriate for your business requirements and existing technical standards.

Re-platforming existing applications onto new technical environments.

Porting legacy applications from old or non-standard technologies into the latest software environments can minimize support costs and provide a leverage-able environment for adding value-added system capabilities.

Cloud computing and Cloud services based information systems. Development of high-quality and high-performance applications on Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Engine Yard, Google App Engine.

Development of mobile solutions for existing Internet-based Information Systems. iPhone, Andriod and Blackberry support of your existing services on the mobile platform as native applications. Cross-platform solutions are available for mobile versions of web-based products.

Application Delivery

The Application Delivery Team is responsible for the full project management lifecycle for all System Automation product installations. ?Throughout the project lifecycle, System Automation is dedicated to exchanging information and working side-by-side with our clients to see the project through to its successful conclusion. As a final result, our goal is to have you be self-sufficient, however, System Automation is always available to provide a helping hand

Our clients are always our #1 priority. The Customer Service Team acts as your own personal implementation advocate. Our tenured staff leverages their product knowledge, industry knowledge, and professional experiences to ensure that all areas of customer satisfaction are met.

Custom Development

System Automation provides both our commercial and government clients with the highest quality, cost-effective solutions comprised of familiar system components and interfaces that allow them to immediately become more productive.

To go beyond our off-the-shelf software solutions, System Automation also works with clients to design and develop custom products. These may be derived from our library of custom-tailored products to meet a specific market need or developed from the "ground up" according to client specifications.


ExpoTech partnership with leading technology companies worldwide to ensure technology focus that helps it provide solutions in line with the emerging technologies. Our Microsoft and Sun Partnerships ensure that our technology understanding is ahead of the marketplace and that our domain experts and marketing personnel are constantly updated. This also ensures that our engineers upgrade their skill sets all the time converting them into our most powerful assets.

As part of our commitment to our client, our services include maintaining copies of client information and property at our offices overseas. This strategic maintenance of replicated data and applications ensures business continuity and immediate disaster recovery.

To learn more about our virtual contact center technology

Our product and service offerings just tripled with OPW and Expotech Engineering. We are pleased to announce our partnership and exclusive distributorship with OPW.

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