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Since 1995,  ExpoTech has been the IT and software outsourcing company that helps businesses manage complex IT projects, by providing dedicated teams and services.

Expotech is the one-stop provider of full-cycle software development and hosting to handle the end-to-end delivery of IT projects that span multiple technologies and disciplines.

Over 1250 emploee strong certified business experts and technical engineers. We deliver IT transformation projects to maximize profitability and increase your competitive advantage. 

Cloud Computing

ExpoTech provides a team of experts to help your organization strategize, plan, manage and execute the most optimal approach with the maximum the return on investment with the highest security.  

Mobile Technology

PWA, Smartcard, PCI Cerdit card, ELectronic Signature, Field service custom applications technologies. 
RFID and Smartcard Technology, GPS applications design, development, enterprise mobile server integration to backend corporate system

Infrastructure Design and Innovation

ExpoTech will ensure that your organization is realizing the maximum value of your IT organization. IT infrastructure strategy, roadmap to meet business goals, reduce operational cost and increase efficiency   

What we do

ExpoTech leverages technology to advance your business. We strategize and implement turnkey solutions, to increase efficiency and enhance your competitive advantage.

Professional Services

ExpoTech focuses on People, Process, Technology by providing highly skilled technology professionals, offering experienced and proven professionals for short, medium and long-term contracts. We provide permanent placement and temporary-to-permanent placement of employees. With over 50 years of combined experience, our technical Professional Services group has deep understanding of the recruiting process and how to customize it towards fitting the needs of each individual client. We are diligent about listening to the needs of our clients before beginning our recruiting process. Our talent is drawn from an extensive referral network developed over the many years in the technology industry.

ERP - SAP Integrated Solutions Service

ExpoTech offers specialized portfolio of consulting services we help clients transform their business and add value to the organizations. In a globalized world comprising of rapidly shifting economic and political scenarios, we at ExpoTech help our clients take successful strategic and organizational decisions. We closely monitor the problems being faced by organizations through various angels and engage organizational leaders into the thinking and development process, implement findings through carefully constructed roadmaps and practices to help them achieve their goals and success.ExpoTech has partnered with SAP to deliver a comprehensive array of SAP offerings including Implementations, Trainings and Turn Key solutions. We offer large pool of SAP Services which are not limited to following.ExpoTech is committed to ensure your IT infrastructure is stable and optimized for maximum performance. We provide a wide range of IT services, networking integration, architecture designs to implementations and training for medium and large enterprise. Our IT professional services are also available to help you promote and plan for future growth.

Specific Services

Our special projects experts have over 20 years of successful track record in designing, building and deploying highly complex projects. Such as Water dam automation for US Army Props of Engineers for the state of Pennsylvania, several large ERP automation deployments, LMS (Learning Managment Systems) ,CRM and IVR integration, GPS fleet tracking using location based content delivery, job scheduling and dispatching for serval fortune 500 clients.

Automation Solutions

While the concept of IT automation has been around since the early days of the mainframe, it’s only achievable with trained IT automation professionals that can optimize the underlying processes to ensure simplicity, accuracy and consistency. IT automation is a journey. ExpoTech will save you years of lessons learned and successful implemented strategies.


Our efficient and knowledgeable team at ExpoTech partners with leading technology companies to provide: 

We develop Custom Enterprise Software Development

We deliver tailored enterprise applications that address business needs and meet specifications, such as e-Commerce, Progressive Web Applications development (PWA), and e-learning LMS, employee collaboration. Our developers are able to leverage their experience with Agile software development to increase your competitive advantage.

Software Integration and Legacy Application Modernization

ExpoTech offers development of comprehensive Enterprise Application Integration solutions.

ERP Implementations and Application Portfolio Consolidation

Whether you are planning to implement the SAP system for the first time, or you are trying to fix problems from SAP failed implementation, ExpoTech Engineering Inc. has the SAP and IT professionals you need to get your business operating as efficiently as possible. SAP data conversion should be left in the hands of our industry professionals who have over 20 years of experience in the field. Many large companies have run into problems with SAP change management when trying to perform the task on their own. SAP data conversion and implementation can be complicated for those who do not have a lot of experience with the very complex and broad SAP system. Our SAP experts will transfer your company from an older system to a more functional and efficient SAP system and work with your employees to give them the knowledge to run the system smoothly.
ExpoTech Engineering's unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise solves its clients’ most complex business problems with technology solutions across a wide range of areas. If your company is having issues with SAP failed implementation and would benefit from a professional’s help with SAP change management.

We rescue failed SAP implementations. If you have implemented or have had someone else implement SAP and have not seen the results you expected, our team of experts can work with you to correct the SAP workflow of your company. 
We have a proven proprietary methodology to drive performance, increase efficiency, and deliver excellent business value for our clients. 

LMS Learning Management System 

ET-LMS will create your own LMS systems at a fraction of the cost. 
Self Registration System, Commerce Ready ExpoTech flexible, integrated commerce capabilities allow you to sell content the way you want. Includes all major credit cards, and a variety of discount and coupon options.  
Branded Certificates, your online learning center provides a strong brand presence, as we incorporate your logo and marketing identity throughout the LMS. ExpoTech system also provides branded certificates upon successful completion.  ET-LMS Hosted Solution No need to install new software on your web server.

Cyber Security

ExpoTech analyzes your network and automatically builds a model, so you can understand and continuously monitor your whole network — including virtual and cloud sections.
ExpoTech has successfully undertaken security and risk assessments for many organizations. While the objectives of each customer engagement can vary, the focus is on examining the security posture of the organization’s critical technology platforms to ensure that all devices are properly configured and secured.
We provide you and management with an evaluation of the state of your security, operational processes, procedures, and gaps in coverage, as well as identify areas of risk, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Penetration Testing
As a key component of PII, PHI, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other industry standards, penetration testing attempts to gain access to the organization’s critical systems by exploiting discovered vulnerabilities. ExpoTech simulates the attack using the same tools and intensity to test and assess the effectiveness of the business and security controls. Our proven penetration testing methodology and process thoroughly identify security vulnerabilities.

Technology and Ceritfications

Please join us in welcoming our partners SAP, SuccessFactors, Workforce, IBM, Oracle, OPW and Gilbarco Vedeer-Root 
We are pleased to announce our partnership with SAP and exclusive distributorship with OPW, and Gilbarco Vedeer-Root
Together will achieve more than ever.

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