ExpoTech is a leading technology consulting firm that blends its business and industry insight to deliver unmatched results through a devoted, highly skilled and solution- oriented team. 

ExpoTech Engineering's unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise solves its client's most complex business problems with technology solutions across three practice areas: Integrated Solutions, Network Technologies and Professional Services.

ExpoTech Engineering is one of the original companies described as an Application Service Provider (ASP) as early as 1996. The original goal of the company was to provide clients with cost-effective, expeditious automation solutions that made them more effective, more profitable and created a direct competitive advantage. Since its inception, ExpoTech Engineering has grown to become one of the foremost IT services organizations in the world today.

ExpoTech Engineering is recognized for its highly experienced teams who use an innovative and forward thinking approach when offering services to their Fortune 500 and mid-market clients across various industries.

Professional Services
ExpoTech Engineering focuses on providing highly skilled technology professionals, offering experienced and proven professionals for short, medium and long-term contracts. We also provide permanent placement of employees, and temporary-to-permanent placement. With over 50 years of combined experience, our technical Professional Services group has deep understanding of the recruiting process and how to customize it to fit the needs of each individual client. We are diligent about listening to the needs of our clients before beginning our recruiting process. Our talent is drawn from an extensive referral network developed over the many years in the technology industry.

Integrated Solutions Service
ExpoTech Engineering provides innovative technology solutions and services to help companies make the most of their technology investments. We immerse ourselves in your business, process and objectives to ensure that we deliver the ideal solution. Our highly skilled program managers specialize in the entire project lifecycle, from concept and strategy to managing in-house or outsource software development teams. Our adaptability and flexibility allows us to fine-tune and make adjustments at any point in the process to execute the best solution.

Specific Services
  Solve your most complex business challenges including:
  Custom Software Development
  Business Intelligence
  Business Strategy
  Process Re-engineering
  Program Management
  Workflow Automation
  Collaborative Tools
  Data Transformation Modeling and Implementation

Automation Solutions:
Expotech's command center system design is the complete and most efficient system for all products and all types of transactions.  
Expotech designed world class RFID systems consisting of Smart cards RFID, wireless contact and contactless card readers,  operating systems, fully automated application, ODS and Data Warehouse using the latest in searching technologies, and hundreds of management reports that are in real-time online and overnight batch reports.  These reports are available 24 hours anytime anywhere using any device.  The ExpoTech system is fully automated, easy to use with minimal maintenance required. 

ExpoTech entire architecture methodology is built on a three tier architecture (Web, Apps, and Databases), cloud computing enabled.  Our approach is flexible scalable and secure systems that can be modularly designed and expanded quickly without time delays or high costs.  ExpoTech's State-of the-art software and systems integration, using 128 bit encryption and advanced communication protocols, and a superior technology platform provide the building blocks to continue to expand and add additional products.

ExpoTech systems design is sophisticated and secure, yet it's built on open standards such as web services and SOAP.  These standards can help other governmental organizations to take advantage of this open technology and inherit data and information collected by the smart card system.  ExpoTech's system is massive and revolutionary in terms of the capabilities and state of the art technologies.  

Expotech design architecture delivers a profound foundation that can be expanded on by adding new products, additional programs, and new methods of payments and new reporting and tracking including tank and distribution inventory management. Expotech delivers systems that are extendable, scalable, and secure with minimal maintenance.  

The system will eliminate a non-authorized fuelling and will provide detailed and comprehensive management reporting in real-time anytime anywhere on any device.  


  • Cloud consulting services
  • Architecture Enterprise design
  • Network and Telecom Solutions
  • Security and Policy Solutions
  • Voice and Data Convergence
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Toll Avoidance and Least Cost of Routing
  • VoIP Strategies
  • Telecom Transformation
  • Mobile Wireless Design and Implementation

ExpoTech partnership with leading technology companies worldwide to ensure technology focus that helps it provide solutions in line with the emerging technologies. Our Microsoft and Sun Partnerships ensure that our technology understanding is ahead of the market place and that our domain experts and marketing personnel are constantly updated. This also ensures that our engineers upgrade their skill sets all the time converting them into our most powerful assets.

As part of our commitment to our client, our services include maintaining copies of client information and property at our offices overseas. This strategic maintenance of replicated data and applications ensures business continuity and immediate disaster recovery.

Please join us in welcoming our new partner OPW. 
We are pleased to announce our partnership and exclusive distributorship with OPW.
Together will achieve more than ever.  

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